The Expander Body
Project 1
Torre Las Orquideas II Condo
76 EBs
The Expander Body
Project 2
Torre Alas Condo
105 EBs
The Expander Body
Project 3
Torre Fragata Condo
98 EBs
The Expander Body
Project 4
ITC Tower/Office
196 EBs
The Expander Body
Project 5
Las Brisas Shopping Mall
229 EBs
  • Since less effort is needed in the excavation of a hole, the EB saves up to 60% of labour-related time and equipment rental and operated expenses.
  • With shallower installation and smaller diameter piles, the EB saves up to 60% of foundation costs in excessive labour-related time and material/equipment costs.
  • This one-of-a-kind, multi-faceted tool is utilized for reliable quality control (monitoring, measuring) and anchoring for the entire pile installation process.
  • Unlike traditional piling and boring, that relies on trial and error, the EB allows for reliable quality control and verification of performance during installation by relaying information on soil strength and stiffness as opposed to standard deep foundations that relies on limited testing or even just theoretical design.
  • The EB is a versatile system as it can also be used as anchors and tiebacks for retaining walls, shoring, ground stabilization, tunneling, buoyancy control, and many other applications.
  • The EB works effectively in any soil suitable for deep foundations.